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Our Independence

Why may working with an independent financial advisor be important to you? Well, for one, your future financial success may depend on the type of investment advice you get today. In an increasingly complicated era, pursuing your financial goals depends on objective advice; meaningful, timely information and research; and access to the investments and services that best fit your specific circumstances.

Our independence affords you the potential benefit of personalized and impartial investment strategies based on your unique time horizon, financial objectives, risk preferences and tax considerations. Being independent means we are free to recommend only those products and services that address our clients’ needs – that is, no quotas, and we are not bound to certain fund families, products or services. Independent research enables us to choose investments solely on the merits of their characteristics and in the best interest of your financial goals. For a more detailed explanation on how we select investments for advisory clients, please visit Our Investment Selection Process 

At Cornerstone Financial, we are in a position to contribute to the financial success of our clients and our community – while taking full advantage of comprehensive back-office support, regulatory expertise and oversight, as well as technological support provided by LPL Financial, the #1 independent broker/dealer in the country.* These advantages are passed on to our clients in the form of more personalized service.

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2017, based on total revenue.

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