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What Matters Most to You?

While none of us know what tomorrow holds, we believe the choices we make can have a dramatic impact on our future. Unfortunately, a hectic lifestyle and daily demands can at times keep us from directing our time and resources to the things we claim are of utmost importance. While our objective is to work with you to identify, understand and prioritize your short, intermediate and long-term goals, we believe there are many important questions that extend beyond one’s basic financial goals. Here are just a few to consider:

Life Principles

What’s important to you about money?
Are there any investments you would avoid as a matter of principle?
What are the guiding principles that you follow with your personal and professional life?
If you had all of the money that you would ever need, what would you do differently with your life?

Legacy Questions

Who is important to you that you may want or need to assist financially?
What kind of role do you want to play in your children’s / grandchildren’s future?
What kind of legacy to want to leave?
Are there charitable organizations that you would like to support with your time or money?

Retirement Questions

What do you want your retirement to look like?
How will your retirement differ from your parents’ retirement?
Is it important to retire at a particular age?
How do you picture spending your time in retirement?

Health Questions

How do you plan on providing for your loved ones when you die?
What provisions have you made in the event you or a spouse will need long-term health care?
What plans have you made in the event that you become disabled?

Risk Questions

How do you define risk?
How much risk do you want to take?
How much risk do you need to take?
How much risk are you currently taking and is it appropriate based on your goals?

General Questions

What keeps you up at night?
What concerns you about your current financial situation?
How important is it to you to protect your money from the IRS?
What non-financial change would you most like to make in your life?

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